North Platte High School Theatre Department will present a play centered on women’s achievement of the right to receive a university degree.

Jessica Swale’s Blue Stockings will be presented Oct. 7-8 at 7 p.m. in the high school Performing Arts Center.

This will be the theatre department’s fall production. Director Brittany McDaniel said the show has been a growing experience for herself and the cast.

This production explores the fight for women’s right to education at the turn of the century in Great Britain.

Throughout the process, McDaniel and her cast and crew of 39 have had talked about women’s right to education throughout history, the treatment of the female body in health care, and how both these issues impact our society today.

From a theatrical standpoint, the students have the chance to experience period costuming with
corsets, skirts, and suits and learn how people physically moved and sat during that time.

Students are also learning their lines with a British accent and incorporating fight choreography during the climax of the show.

Senior Joseph Roeder said, “This show has been an amazing process! I’ve loved expanding my talents with trying new fight choreography and doing the entire show in an accent.”

This is McDaniel’s second show as play production director at NPHS and it is a complete 180-degree turn from the show the department produced last spring, Trap.

Trap was all storyline based. We wanted something that would bring everyone together, give everyone a chance to be on stage, and surprise the audience a bit. Blue Stockings is a totally different feel. While the story is important as it is based on real historical events, the true heart of the show lies within the characters and their struggles and successes.” McDaniel said.

The events McDaniel is referring to happened during the 1896-97 school year when women at Cambridge University fought for the right to be able to graduate.

This political fight ended in a mob of angry men in a riot while the university senate was voting on the issue.

“I play Elizabeth Welsh, one of the characters in the show that existed in real life. It’s been super interesting to get to learn about the history behind the story we are telling and how people reacted to the vote,” senior Breanna Lundgreen said.

Admission for the show is $5 at the door. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

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