Just a couple days after they appeared in Lincoln County District Court, Logan Reed and Shellyna Nesslein of North Platte led state troopers on a 10 mile nighttime car chase.

The chase began in North Platte and ended near Maxwell, Nebraska State Patrol spokesman Cody Thomas said.

At approximately 1:15 a.m. Thursday morning, a trooper saw a speeding Chevrolet Silverado with a headlight on East State Farm Road, a couple miles south of I-80, Thomas said.

The car ignored the troopers flashing lights and fled north on Newberry Access Road toward I-80.

The pickup turned east on I-80, driving in the left lane in a construction zone. Reed, the driver, sped along at nearly 100 mph to the Maxwell exit, where it turned south for a little ways until it went into the ditch.

Reed, 24, and Nesslein, 18, fled on foot, but surrendered a short time later, Thomas said.

Reed was charged with willful reckless driving, flight to avoid arrest, obstructing a peace officer, possession of drug paraphernalia and traffic violations.

Nesslein was charged with obstructing a peace officer.

Both were taken to the Lincoln County jail.

Nesslein got out of jail on Monday, after she was formally sentenced in court to time served — 225 days — on meth charges.

Reed, who faces robbery charges, appeared in court Tuesday and asked for a bench trial.  The trail was set for Oct. 1.