As 2019 begins, the Nebraska Tourism Commission starts distributing a new guide to potential visitors.

It’s not what you’d think it is, the commission says.

The name of the guide is just that — the “Not-At-All What You Thought” State Travel Guide, the tourism commission said Monday.

The  travel guide highlights things to see and do all across the state through beautiful pictures and vivid descriptions – the normal material in travel guides.

However, the guide takes the abnormal step of incorporating the messaging and humor of the state’s latest tourism campaign, “Nebraska. Honestly, it’s not for everyone.”

The quirky Nebraska activity – tanking — is pictured on the cover.

The guide includes section headlines such as, “Play Like Pioneers, Without all the Hardships,” and creative descriptions such as: “This is the end of the trail for Nebraska’s reputation as a flat, boring place. Gazillions of amazing trails, hundreds of miles, thousands of things to see. You better get started.”

The guide is intended to be “bright, lively, funny, quirky and odd… all traits of our new campaign,” Nebraska Tourism Commission Executive Director John Ricks said.

The guide is also expected to draw visitors.

“Generally, about two-thirds of people who request travel guides actually visit that state,” Ricks said. The “conversion rate” is the highest among the methods used to entice travelers to visit a state.

You can order a free 2019 guide at: