Due to sustained wet weather, less than half the corn in the United States had emerged from the ground as of June 3, the United States Department of Agriculture said Monday in its weekly report.

And in some key states, less than half the corn has been planted.

The June 3 USDA Crop Progress report said only 45% of the corn is planted in Illinois, the second largest producing state in the country. Ohio, South Dakota, Indiana, Michigan are also below 50%, the report said.

Iowa, which produces the most corn of any state, is about 20% behind normal.

Nebraska, the 3rd largest producing state, is faring better than most, about 11% behind normal despite floods throughout much of eastern Nebraska in March and April.

The USDA said overall, corn planting is 67% complete in 18 major states, compared to an average 96% during the last four years.

And, only 46% of the corn has emerged, compared with 84% in the last five years.



In the major soybean states, planting is about 40% complete, compared with 86% at this time a year ago.

Only 19% of the soybeans have emerged from the ground so far, compared to 56% on average, the report said.