Mayor Dwight Livingston will not seek a third term in office. It comes down to a matter of time, he said in an announcement Wednesday afternoon.

Livingston was elected mayor in 2012 after more than 38 years on the North Platte Police Department.

Livingston, known for his congeniality and willingness to attend events on request, said he struggled with his decision. He said the deciding factor is to spend more time with family.

“I am proud of all of our city’s accomplishments and I know there is a lot more that needs to be done,” he said. “I know there are a lot of our citizens who will be disappointed by my decision…. they have been very vocal with me about it, and I am certain there will be times when I will regret not seeking another term, but I don’t want to regret not being there for my family during times of need and as our young ones grow.”

Livingston and wife Rhonda have two grandsons graduated from high school and another graduating this year. When he was elected seven years ago, they were in elementary and middle school, he said.

He said his family also faces health issues, and each medical appointment requires all-hands-on-deck to get schedules rearranged so he can be with them without leaving North Platte residents and scheduled events unattended — all of which are very important.

“While the position of Mayor is not a ‘full-time’ job, it requires full-time commitment,” he said.

Livingston included some advice and guidelines for his successor in the announcement (see that story HERE on the Opinion page.)

Livingston’s decision not to run leaves three challengers in the race; however, as of Thursday, only one of them — Lonnie Parsons — has officially filed with the county election clerk.

Challengers have until March 1 to file.

Incumbents have until Feb. 15.

In other filings, long-term county commissioner Joe Hewgley filed for re-election. So did Dist. 5 Commissioner Jerry Woodruff. The Dist. 4 Commissioner, Walt Johnson, has not filed yet. Woodruff and Johnson were appointed a year ago, after voters expanded the county board from three to five members.

So far, one candidate has filed for city council – Pete Volz.

On the North Platte school board, Skip Altig and Matt Peterson filed for re-election.

To enter the race, file in person with the Lincoln County Election Clerk, located in the county clerk’s office at the west end of the courthouse.