Mary L. Benzel, 84, of North Platte, passed away on Thursday, March 23 at Azria Health Centennial Park.

She was born on Sept. 29, 1938 in Lincoln, the daughter of G. Paul and Helen (McAdams) Laub.  The family moved to Denver, Colo. in 1941, where she was eventually joined by 4 siblings.  They then moved back to Cheyenne, Wyo. in 1952 and she finished high school there in 1956.  She worked in Civil Service at Ft. Francis E. Warren AFB after high school, then joined her father in business in Great Falls, Mont.  She then returned to Cheyenne and worked for the Cheyenne newspaper then for the Wyoming Dept. of Revenue.  She was joined in marriage to Melvin Benzel in 1966 intending to make their home in Cheyenne along with daughter Angela who arrived in 1970.  Union Pacific Railroad changed their minds by moving them to North Platte for the opening of the new diesel shop in 1971.  Mary was a stay-at-home Mom until Angela started school.  She then joined the work force at the Lincoln County Treasurers Office and eventually was Supervisor in the Motor Vehicle Dept. until her retirement in 1998.

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