Schools across the area, the Lincoln County courthouse and most businesses closed tight and most people stayed inside Wednesday as more than a foot of snow fell in the North Platte area.

Schools will remain closed Thursday.

The snowstorm arrived around 2 a.m. Wednesday. Before dawn, I-80 and U.S. 30 were closed at Kearney and across western Nebraska.


Top Photo: Kevin Petska blows snow off his neighbor’s sidewalk around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday near E and Cottonwood in North Platte.


In addition to 7-8 inches that fell overnight, another 7 inches fell in some places on Wednesday, with northerly winds that reached 30 mph in the afternoon, the National Weather Service in North Platte said.

By 6:30 p.m., the National Weather Service at Lee Bird Field recorded 12.3″ of snow, a new single-day record during January at North Platte, and the third-highest single-day snowfall since 1875.

A Bulletin staffer measured 15 inches near Lake Maloney. Another staffer recorded nearly 14 inches just south of Maxwell.

Fifteen inches on a patio deck near Lake Maloney, 2:30 p.m.

North Platte officials issued a snow emergency at 5 p.m. Tuesday. City crews started working during the night and continued to stay on the streets, keeping major routes open for emergency vehicles and vital traffic.

No overnight parking will be allowed along the storm routes nor in the core downtown area through Thursday night, city officials said.

The storm is cutting a wide path from southwest to northeast Nebraska, falling over most of the state. North Platte is in the middle of the path, but northern Custer County was expected to receive the heaviest amount, the weather service said.

Travel is hazardous and is not recommended. If you have travel plans, be prepared to alter or
delay them. Know before you go. Road conditions are updated at

If you have to travel, pack a kit of emergency supplies, including water, winter wear, blankets, nutrition bars and other items you might need if you get stranded. If stranded or in need of assistance, call *55 or 800-525-5555 to reach the Nebraska State Patrol Highway Helpline.

Looking ahead, temperatures are forecast to remain below freezing at least through Sunday, so snow will remain on the ground at least for several days, the weather service said.

(This report was updated at 7 p.m. CST.)

Emergency snow routes

RODEO ROAD – Jeffers west to city limits

EAST 12TH – Jeffers east to city limits

WEST 9TH – Jeffers to West city limits

EAST 8TH – Jeffers to East city limits

WEST 14TH – Buffalo Bill Avenue to Adams Avenue

WEST 16TH – Webster Avenue to Buffalo Bill Avenue

WEST 18TH – Buffalo Bill Avenue to Sheridan Avenue

WEST 19TH – Sheridan Avenue to Adams Avenue

ROOSEVELT AVENUE – 8th Street to 14th Street

BRYAN AVENUE, NORTH – 16th Street to Railroad Street

POPLAR STREET – 4th Street to 12th Street

POPLAR STREET – Francis Street to Philip Avenue

JEFFERS STREET – North city limits to South city limits

ADAMS AVENUE – 9th Street to 19th Street

SHERIDAN AVENUE – Rodeo Road to 19th Street

DODGE AVENUE – 9th Street to North city limits

DEWEY STREET – South city limits through S-curve to Jeffers

WILLOW STREET – Leota Street to Rodeo Road

WILLOW STREET – Walker Road to State Farm Road

FRONT STREET – West city limits to Poplar Street

4TH STREET – Pacific Street to East city limits

2ND STREET – Buffalo Bill Avenue to West city limits

“A” STREET – Willow Street to West city limits

“B” STREET – Sherman Avenue to Bicentennial Avenue

“E” STREET – Bryan Avenue to Dixie Avenue

PHILIP AVENUE – Lakeview Blvd to Newberry Access

FRANCIS STREET – McDonald Road to 300 feet east of Poplar Street

LEOTA STREET – Oak Street to East city limits McDonald Road to Bare Avenue

EUGENE AVENUE – Highway 83 west to city limits

WALKER ROAD – Highway 83 west to city limits

WALKER ROAD – Newberry Road access west to dead-end

HALLIGAN DRIVE – From U.S. Hwy 83 east to Newberry Access

BICENTENNIAL AVENUE – Highway 30 (4th St.) south to Philip Avenue

INDUSTRIAL AVENUE – Philip Avenue to Prospect Drive

PROSPECT DRIVE – Industrial Avenue to Philip Avenue

WELCH AVENUE – Philip Avenue to 4th St.

BRYAN AVENUE, SOUTH – Front Street to Philip Avenue

SILBER AVENUE – Philip Avenue to 4th St.

COTTONWOOD STREET – 4th Street to Wal-Mart entrance

OAK STREET – Leota Street to Front Street

JEFFERSON AVENUE – “A” Street to Front Street

McDONALD ROAD – “A” Street to Leota Street

SHERMAN AVENUE – “B” Street to Front Street

CARR AVENUE – Leota Street to Front Street

MILLS AVENUE – 4th Street to Front Street

BUFFALO BILL AVENUE – North city limits to Leota Street

PACIFIC STREET – 4th to Front Street

BARE AVENUE – Leota to Front Street

LAKEVIEW BLVD – “A” Street to Philip Avenue

NEWBERRY ACCESS – North city limits to South city limits

STATE FARM ROAD – East city limits to West city limits

SOUTH PARKWAY – State Farm Road north to Fremont Slough

SUNRISE DRIVE – South Parkway to Hwy 83

ELDER AVENUE – 2nd Street to ‘E’ Street

TABOR AVENUE – Philip Ave. to a point approx 300 feet south of Francis.

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