Superintendent Dr. Hanson joined parents at Lincoln Elementary’s monthly PTA meeting. I was enlightened on his perspective for our district. He said, “Coming from 500 (students in the school he came from), it is all about perspective.”

Dr. Hanson is proposing that the district relocate the current 150 children at Buffalo to Lincoln; making Buffalo the early childhood education building. There would be head start and public preschool, including children as young as 3.

His perspective is that we have children with behavior issues due to not having early enough intervention with them.

However, given this perspective, the map he presented (potential use of classrooms at Lincoln) shows four special education teachers in one classroom, expecting success from our students with special needs. His perspective is that there are too many children with Individual Educational Profiles for a single-track school at Buffalo.

He believes we can squeeze 370 students into one building; making a class size of 30-plus students for gym, music, and art, and still have success. His perspective is safety will not be an issue. His perspective will be downplaying one of the district’s largest areas of concern — children with special needs.

His perspective is that of someone who works with numbers and graphs. Our children are not numbers and schools are not a graph. This merger has very few benefits to 370 kids. Many questions were answered with, “That’s next level thinking and we are not there.” But they expect to have a decision by April 15.

There are other solutions to this problem. Putting K-2 at one school and 3-5 at the other is one possible solution.

Cramming 370 students into one building and overloading our intervention programs and providers is not the answer.

Parents expect transparency and honesty from administration. This is not transparent. Our administrators work for us and we should not allow them to tell us how it will be. I encourage people to attend Monday night’s school board meeting.

Our children are our future. Without quality education, our future is bleak. Let’s stop putting their education on the back burner; let’s start being the voices for them. The “budget cuts” need to start being cut from our administrators and not our children’s education.

Kaci Majer, parent, North Platte