This is in response to eliminating six tennis courts at Cody Park:

Needless to say, the North Platte Cody Park tennis courts are in bad repair and need to be replaced or redone. But, why take them away from other tennis players and our youth?

The North Platte High School boys and girls tennis teams use them (plus other courts in town) for practice, dual meets and several tournaments a year. These courts are also used for the Nebraskaland Days tennis tournament. At one time, the Cody Park tennis courts were the best complex between Lincoln and Denver and could still be the best.

As the tennis courts at Cody Park would have to be totally torn up to build the pickleball courts, why couldn’t they be built in another location and save the tennis courts? I’m glad pickleball has so many players and is an up-and-coming sport, but why take away tennis courts when the pickleball courts could be built elsewhere?

There are still a lot of tennis players that would use the Cody Park tennis courts if they were in better shape.

Mary Johnson, North Platte, future pickleball player

EDITOR’S NOTE: We asked the North Platte school district if they and the city have talked about sharing the cost of renovating the tennis courts at Cody Park, and was told the district “has no plans to contribute to the Cody Park tennis courts.”

“If the renovation plans pass (the city council), the NPPS Board of Education will guide the district to prioritize renovating our tennis courts at Madison Middle School and the North Platte High School,” NPPSD spokeswoman Tina Smith said Monday. “We hope to work with the city to meet the continuing needs of our students and community members who participate in tennis.”

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