Brendan Lynes grew up playing sports for North Platte St. Pat’s. Now, he’ll be the one coordinating the school’s athletic programs as the new activities director.

Going from player to administrator is a transformation that Lynes finds rewarding.

“It feels great to be in this new position,” said Lynes, who graduated from St. Pat’s in 2010. “From participating in sports in junior high and high school here to now getting the chance to see all the activities from the other side is pretty exciting to me. I look forward to the challenges ahead of me and working with our coaches and staff in the upcoming years.”

Lynes takes over for longtime activities director Mark Skillstad. The situations people find themselves in when they take on a job are not equal. Some involve a lot of work and building just to get ahead of the curve.

But Lynes said he’s looking to maintain the status quo. Many of the sports teams at St. Pat’s have had consistent success in recent years. That is a product of the structure and culture, as well as a harmonious relationship with the coaches that Skillstad fostered.

“It’s not going to be much different than what Mr. Skillstad and the coaches have built up over the years,” he said. “I just want to be available to help the coaches anyway I can and encourage everyone to keep working hard. I want to keep building the relationships I have with them and encourage them to keep learning and growing in their activity. “

The situation at St. Pat’s is also unique in that the football coach, Kevin Dodson, is also the superintendent. Lynes, who played football for Dodson, said he is glad that Dodson will help him grow in his new role.

“Coach Dodson is a great resource to have around,” he said. “He is a great leader and I look forward to keep learning from him.”

Skillstad announced his retirement this winter and at that time, he talked with Lynes about the possibility of taking over the position.

“After he asked me that day, I had some time to think and pray about the decision to take on the new position,” Lynes said. “Also, it gave me some time to start asking questions about the job. I tried to help Mr. Skillstad whenever I could, getting things set up for games and things like that.”

While football and basketball draw a lot of attention, sports are just one facet of an activities director. They also oversee the spirit squads, as well as music, drama and speech.

“The sponsors that have been working with the kids in these activities have done a great job with them,” Lynes said. “I look forward to what they can accomplish down the road.”

St. Pat’s just hired a new volleyball coach in Maddy Krebs and there’s also the co-op for baseball program with Maxwell that will start next spring. Those are some of the things on Lynes’ agenda as he transitions into his position.

“The next fours months I will be working on getting organized for the next school year,” he said. “For me, it will be trying to get a routine about what all I need to get done before the school year starts, as well as start working on the schedule and other things for the school year.”