The Lincoln County courthouse is closed.

Residents are asked to utilize online services, mail-in services and the county’s drop box in the parking lot of the Lincoln County sheriff’s office (302 N. Jeffers), near the Children’s Museum.

Contact numbers are listed at right. Click or tap on the image to enlarge.

To get to the county drop box, enter the lot on Third St. and turn right. Put everything in a secure envelope and address it to the desired county office.

The courts, which are under state jurisdiction, will remain open until further notice.

If you are represented in court by an attorney, contact your attorney. If you are not represented by an attorney and have a court appearance, please call the County Court.

Here are some other user-friendly tips:


Assessor’s office — Homestead Exemption forms and Personal Property forms can be dropped in drop box or mailed. If forms need picked up,  call the Assessor’s office and those forms will be mailed. Emails can be sent to


Clerk’s office — The county website has election information, including voter registration and/or register to vote. Please utilize the drop box for anything that needs delivered. Emails can be sent to


County Commissioners — contact via email at or by calling the other courthouse main number at 308-535-3500.


Treasurer’s office — Drivers licenses and vehicle registrations can be renewed at

Real Estate and property taxes can be paid online at Please utilize the county drop box for anything that can be delivered. Any mailing fees will be waived. Emails can be sent to:


County attorney — Consider faxing or mailing in anything that needs delivered.


County Court, District Court and Clerk of the District Court – No one other than the defendant, attorney or necessary witnesses will be allowed in courtrooms. Please use the County drop box for anything that needs delivered.

The general public can remit payments online 24/7 for court costs, fines, general judgments, spousal support (alimony) and probation fees through at:

Individuals utilizing the online payment website will need to know in which court their case was filed (County or District), the appropriate county the matter was filed in, what type of subject matter their case pertains to (Criminal, Civil, etc.), the last two-digits of the calendar year (i.e. “20” for 2020) and the case number.


Child support payments must still be remitted through the Nebraska Child Support Payment Center, as previously ordered by the court. Inquiries regarding child support payments may be directed to the DHHS Customer Service Center, at 877-631-9973.

If, in the event that state agencies such as the child support enforcement center should close due to the COVID-19 outbreak, they will have procedures in place to handle the functions associated with their usual handling of child support payments.


Regarding submitting (filing) court documents, we ask that self-represented litigants submit pleadings (filings) via US Mail. The mailing address for the Lincoln County Clerk of District Court is: 301 N Jeffers, North Platte, NE 69101.

General correspondence to the clerk of the district court, in lieu of telephonic inquiries, can be submitted to:


Should the courthouse be closed, and should the Nebraska Supreme Court officially close the office of the Clerk of District Court, all inquiries and general correspondence will only be answered via email.


Protection order applications are available at Should the district court be closed, it will be necessary to mail your protection order request to the address above — Lincoln County Clerk of District Court is: 301 N Jeffers, North Platte, NE 69101.

If the courts and courthouse are shut down, there will be no effective way to process protection order applications in a timely manner, so if an applicant feels they are in imminent danger, they are encouraged to contact law enforcement.