Jeffrey Reservoir is being lowered this week – the start of shoreline inspections, Central Nebraska Public Power and Irrigation District spokeswoman Holly Rahmann said.

The lake will be down for approximately three days for the inspections before it begins to fill again.

A scheduled draw down at Johnson Lake has been moved up a week.  The lake will begin declining on Sept. 18 and, depending on the weather, should reach its lowest point of approximately 2,608 feet above sea level by Oct. 1, Rahmann said.

After that, the lake will begin to re-fill, which could take up to 10 days.

Water levels at Plum Creek Canyon Lake and Midway Lake will be somewhat lower than normal during this time because of the reduced flow of water through the supply canal system, but the lakes will not decline as much as Johnson and Jeffrey lakes.

These draw down plans are subject to change, depending on river flows and rainfall, Rahmann said.

While lakes are down, cabin-owners may wish to perform shoreline maintenance. They are reminded to contact Central to obtain the necessary permits before initiating such projects.