Game and Parks staff plan to use an aquatic herbicide to treat invasive hybrid Eurasian watermilfoil at the lake at Iron Horse Park in North Platte on Thursday, July 11.

In 2022, Nebraska Game and Parks confirmed the presence of a hybrid variety of the invasive aquatic plant in Iron Horse Park Lake. The aquatic plant grows dense mats and can overtake a waterbody quickly.

ProcellaCOR has no restrictions for water recreation, fishing, or fish consumption. The plan is to treat the western half of the lake on July 11 and the eastern half on July 25, weather permitting.

“While Zebra mussels often are the species most folks think about, invasive aquatic weeds can also have a large impact on our Nebraska waters” said Kristopher Stahr, Game and Parks’ aquatic invasive species program manager.

“This treatment is a good reminder to always Clean, Drain, and Dry your watercraft to prevent anything from moving from one waterbody to another,” Stahr said.

Visit for more details on the Clean, Drain, Dry Procedure and for information about invasive species in Nebraska.

The public is encouraged to report any suspected observation of aquatic invasive species to Game and Parks at 402-471-7602 or at

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