Sen. Tom Brewer’s 9 Jan 19 letter has errors regarding the Convention of States Company (COS). He urges the reader to actually read Article V. Perhaps he should have read it too?

Article V authorizes a “convention for proposing amendments,” not some fanciful “convention of states.” We encourage Sen. Brewer and all Americans to actually study all sides of this issue to learn the facts.

In 2018, convention of states applications failed in more than 20 states while not one passed! Most state legislators are learning the truth. COS has wasted the time of Nebraskans for several legislative sessions now.

The ¾ ratification bar is not a safety net when one considers that the 1787 Convention clearly exceeded their authority to only amend the Articles of Confederation and instead wrote an entirely new constitution.

James Madison wrote in Federalist 40 admitting the convention exceeded their authority, “…it is therefore essential that such changes be instituted by some informal and unauthorized propositions….” They rationalized their behavior.

I’m sure Sen. Brewer would try to assure us it would not happen this time though, right? He can’t make that guarantee.

It should cause voters concern that this entire COS deception is due to our Constitution being distorted and ignored by politicians. However, COS proclaims applicable law and safe limits will be followed. How can they claim the Law of the Land is being ignored but rules for a convention funded by corporatist billionaires, pushed for by their lobbyists, will follow the rules (free of manipulation)? Simple! They can’t!

COS even admitted their plan can’t work. 2/5/18 in Boise, ID, Robert Kelly, COS attorney, was asked, “What if you change the Constitution and they don’t follow it?” He said millions of activists need to pressure legislators and litigation will be required to enforce any changes. The audience wisely asked, “Why not skip amending the Constitution and enforce it now?” Exactly! That is what the Founders told us to do.

COS’s distortion tries to twist our minds around the invalid concept that changing a document that is being disobeyed will suddenly make it be obeyed. This would be just like discovering your spouse is cheating on your marriage vows but thinking that changing your vows would suddenly make them stop cheating.

The Founders really told us to insist Congress and our state legislators honor Article VI of the Constitution under which they take their oath of office promising to enforce the Constitution. There is nothing wrong with our Constitution except that we do not follow it. The job of state legislators in this case is to refuse to accept the unconstitutional programs and funding from the federal government.

COS must stop wasting the time of Nebraska legislators to push their dangerous elixir. It is time for Nebraskans and all Americans to get organized to elect better members of Congress and to use the tools available to work with our elected officials to guard the Constitution.

Shawn Meehan, Minden, NV

Air Force veteran Shawn Meehan founded Guard The Constitution ( in Minden, NV