This is in response to Mitchel Rickett’s letter January 10, 2024.

I do not have what you called “Evangelical Trumpism”. Yes, I am a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, I believe that there is one God, Creator of heaven and earth, and that he sent His only Son Jesus Christ to this world to be the Savior of all mankind who sinned in the garden of Eden and from that fall all mankind needs His saving grace.

I believe that our forefathers were guided by the Holy Spirit and settled this land and fought a long and hard battle against England to win our freedoms that we enjoy, they wrote our Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights for all Americans, and if you knew your history you would know those documents are written acknowledging that God is the Creator, that all men are created equal, and endowed with certain unalienable rights, Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

You need a history lesson, Mr. Rickett, so I encourage you to take a Biblical Citizen class from Patriot

As for Donald Trump, I will support a candidate that believes in these rights, fights for them, supports closed borders, freedom of the press, speech, has a strong foreign policy, stands for the Life of the unborn, doesn’t believe that our children should be mutilated by “affirming” something they are not and can never be.

As for pastors, they have every right to preach about what candidates stand for from the pulpit, they are issues of the day, and I wish they would. They need to encourage their people to get involved in school boards, town boards, and to VOTE! 

Do you know who the Black Robed Regiment were in the Civil War? They were pastors that preached about the issues of the day according to the word of God, and then took up arms and went to war to fight for the freedom that YOU have to write a letter to the editor!

Laurie Viter, Brady

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