As a retired educator and supervisor of student teachers in the western part of Nebraska, I have been in many public and private school classrooms and I’m very proud of the teachers and administrators who are educating our students.

I have not witnessed in district 7 schools the teaching or grooming of Comprehensive Sexual Education (CSE), or about Critical Race Theory (CRT.) 

I’m very concerned for those supporting Elizabeth Tegtmeier for a seat on the state school board and her so-called dream team spreading lies about how Nebraska schools are failing. 

Elizabeth homeschools her children and promotes videos like The War on Children and Mind Polluters that attack our public schools system and she is running for state school board with no board experience.

For those concerned about the state health standards, the process worked. They had hearings, the public spoke, and the state school board voted not to proceed with them. 

I support Robin Stevens, who has successful experiences in educating students and as a state school board member.

If you want a war on sex education, go to your television programs, social media and sponsors. They are grooming more students than our schools ever thought about.

By Marge Spencer, Brady

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