As I continue to ponder on the meat packing plant and its effect of this city, let’s have some dialog and really listen to what everyone is saying. How about some experts like NRD, EPA, naturalists, farmers (not just pro farmers), ask them some questions? Also, someone in charge of the water treatment plant; I would like to know more how it works and how it protects our water above ground and below.

We the people of North Platte deserve transparency. We are proud of our city and want it to grow, but in the right direction and if we feel it is a good idea and will work, you have our support, but we need to feel confident this is the right direction.

We don’t want to be prejudiced, but what is going on at the border does not reassure me that this won’t be a place for many of those unvetted individuals to come. They may bring TB, coronavirus (different strains) and venereal diseases. I am not even talking about drugs and crime. I know there are good people looking for a better way of life, but how do you vet the good from the bad? When large groups come into a community they don’t value or have any interest in, trouble can follow.

Lora Bevington, North Platte