I am happy to report there will be no overall rate increase from the Nebraska Public Power District for 2023.

In my August report, I noted that in addition to no rate increase since 2016, NPPD had returned over $250 million to rate payers. Resulting in the average customer seeing a 10% decrease in their rates.

Board members of NPPD and Nebraska Rural Electric Association (NREA) met and discussed ways we could work together to deliver better service to our ratepayers. Our economic development team was selected as top 20 by Site Selection Magazine. Current projects include assisting North Platte with their Rail Park. 

Our team understands community needs because they are a part of the community.  My opinion is, that’s a big part of why public power is successful. Everyone who works in public power is focused on serving the needs of their family, and community rather than some anonymous investor somewhere. 

Bill Hoyt, NPPD Director, Subdivision 4

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