Since I returned to Nebraska, in 1992, I don’t believe I have watched an election cycle like this before. 

You have who knows how many candidates for governor. You have three candidates for legislature. And you have a current governor, who has done good things until now.

But first of all, Gov. Pete Ricketts should never have appointed/anointed anyone for either the legislature or the governor’s office.

You have one of his “anoitees” who refuses to debate. That in itself should scare you. What’s he going to do when the going gets tough? 

The selection for the legislature is a good person, but I believe, the governor is hoping for the old adage to come true – it’s hard to beat a sitting candidate. 

Then we have the trash. Listening to some of these attack ads, why would you vote for the supposed top three candidates in the gubernatorial race. All three of them have a lot of baggage. How much is true? How much is ancient history?

The Republican Party doesn’t even know who is what. It’s easy to say you are a conservative. It’s harder to prove. So before you go vote, read a little. Explore a little. Don’t let others make your decision. 

David Beran, North Platte

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