The West Central Nebraska Development District, headquartered in Ogallala, has been awarded a $1 million grant from Nebraska’s Rural Workforce Housing Fund (RWHF).

The funding will play a pivotal role in addressing the pressing need for quality, affordable housing in the region and accommodating its growing workforce, WCNDD executive director Amber Kuskie said in announcing the grant.

The RWHF was established to support the creation of affordable housing options. The allocation of $1 million to the WCNDD project area, with a primary focus on the town of Imperial, is a significant step towards bridging the housing gap, Kuskie said.

She thanked the city of Imperial “for recognizing the critical housing needs of the community and providing matching funds. This award will enable us to help address the housing needs in Imperial, providing quality, affordable homes for the workforce.”

WCNDD works with local stakeholders, government entities, and community members in the region to provide local economic development.

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