Harold “Buck” Green, 77, of Lenora, passed away October 24, 2023 at the Norton County Hospital. He was born July 10, 1946 in North Platte, NE to George and Lola (Lang) Green.

Buck grew up on the ranch north of Hershey on the Birdwood Creek. He was a graduate of Curtis High School. He went on to attend Kearney State College on a wrestling scholarship. Buck loved to hunt, fish, rodeo, play poker, and tell stories. Buck was a lover of all animals, especially dogs. He was especially proud of winning the bull riding at the Sutherland Rodeo. In 1990, he and his family moved to Glenwood, NM where he continued to ranch. He married Maria Guadalupe Gutierrez Arballo “Lupita” in New Mexico on December 23, 2008. They spent a lot of time in Mexico at Lupita’s farm, and finally came back to Lenora to live the last few years.

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