A top-notch, private 18-hole golf course is cleared to be built in the hills north of Maxwell, following approval Tuesday, Jan. 11 by the Lincoln County Planning Commission.

The course would lie about 11 miles north of Maxwell along the North Maxwell Road.

The project is currently in the design phase. It could be built by the end of 2024, according to information presented to the planning commission.

The 11-member commission unanimously approved the use of the agriculture land for the course. It would be built on about four sections of land owned by Olson Farms, LLC.

The Dormie Network of golf clubs will oversee the project and it will be the company’s 7th course, with other courses in New Jersey, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

The Dormie Network also has another course in Nebraska City, where renowned golfer Arnold Palmer was the lead designer, according to the company’s website.

“Dormie Network is a national network of clubs combining the experience of destination golf with the premier hospitality of private membership. Each club offers an intimate, pure golf experience in a relaxing environment ideal for business or leisure.,” the website says.

Each course in the Network is independently operated. Kahikina, LLC will operate the course near Maxwell.

The Kahikina club will include overnight accommodations for up to 60 golfers, according to the plans.

The planning commission attached one condition to the development – that the owners work with county officials to pave about a quarter-mile of the North Maxwell Road that is currently gravel. The county commissioners will have to approve the paving plan.

Otherwise, the planning commission’s decision is final and the course now has the green light, Zoning Administrator Judy Clark said.

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