A fundraiser for firefighters will be held Saturday in downtown North Platte in the Parkade Plaza parking lot, near the old Alco building.

The festival will feature live music, games, food, root beer floats and fun. It runs from 4-10 p.m. There is no admission charge.

Mayor Brandon Kelliher will start the festival with a proclamation.

It is an opportunity to show support for everything that the firefighters have been through, co-organizer Char Merrill-Swalberg.

“Along with Melanie Standiford of KNOP-TV, we both strongly felt that we needed to do something,” Swalberg said, “to show our appreciation for our fire departments. It quickly became more than just a show of appreciation though. It’s more about bringing awareness to the needs. Sadly, we found that many, too many really, of our volunteer fire departments are operating without being properly equipped and staffed. This one event may not provide adequate funding, but my hope is that it will encourage continual support, especially in our rural communities.”

“I just wish we could do more,” she said. “The firefighters I’ve spoken to are just tired…you can hear it in their voices and see it behind their smiles. They need help, and they need rest.”

Swalberg hopes the community turns out and shows their gratitude by way of monetary donations — cash, checks, change — every bit counts, she said.

John Martin, at left, w/ George Lauby

The entertainment line up includes George and John at 4:30 p.m., followed by D&S DJ/Karaoke. The band Straw Bone will play around 8 p.m. featuring Kenny Odean and Brandon Baxter.

Straw Bone

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