A year ago, two pickers from the East Coast dropped by the Espresso Shop and asked if they could play a little. They returned Friday night

They — Nick and Luke — played and the audience loved them, not letting them go until they played a full two hours.

They played an energetic mix of classic country, folk, jazz, Roger Miller and some Broadway favorites, all with contagious enthusiasm, brother’s harmony and flatpicked guitars. They played several original songs too, and closed the show with the Chuck Berry rock classic, Johnny B. Goode. They said the learned it from Michael J. Fox.

Nick and Luke are from Brooklyn, NY, and Baltimore, MD, respectively. The grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania. Nick was recently featured in an article in the New York Times. He organizes a “Porch Stomp” music festival each year in New York.

The incomparable Blue Swing opened the show and received enthusiastic applause — brothers Luke and Brandon Raby on guitars, with Ronnie Weigel on standup bass. Vocalist Skylar Faith joined them for a while and belted on songs.

A $5 donation helped the live music scene downtown and these fun-loving performers.

Nearly everyone in the audience stayed until the last note, and several people hung around to talk with the performers afterwards, reluctant to go home.