Miranda A. Lewis is finally behind bars again, after she skipped sentencing and went on the lam in early August.

Lewis, 25, was convicted July 9 of the violent assault and false imprisonment of a young North Platte man, who said he was assaulted intermittently for two days.

Lewis was released on bond after her conviction, after paying 10% of $10,000. But she was required to report daily to the sheriff’s office and be tested for drugs whenever they saw fit.

On July 24, she went to the sheriff’s office, but when ordered to produce a urine sample for a drug test, said she could not urinate and provide the sample.

The same thing happened the next day, and her bond was revoked. When she could not be found, a warrant was issued for her arrest a few days later.

She became one of Lincoln County’s most wanted fugitives and went missing for 45 days.

She was found Monday, Sept. 10, when for some reason, she was in a parked car near the courthouse Monday with another fugitive, Anthony Fleecs. Acting on a tip, police apprehended both of them, police spokeswoman Beth Kerr said.

Kerr did not confirm the reason why the couple was parked there, but said sometimes fugitives give rides to others who need to appear in court.

Lewis was initially arrested April 14 after a man said Lewis and accomplice Kaiden Dieter held him against his will for two days. His hands had been duct taped. He was hit with a pop bottle and pool cue and locked in a closet during that time, according to the police. He finally called the police when Lewis and Dieter left for awhile.

Police said the man was bruised and swollen, consistent with multiple assaults.

Lewis faces as much as 70 years in prison and $35,000 in fines for the crimes. She was scheduled for sentencing on Aug. 20.

Sentencing is rescheduled for mid-October. Also, she now faces additional charges of violating the terms of her bond, and failing to appear, according to sheriff’s records.



Anthony Fleecs, 20, has a history of arrests. Most recently, he failed to appear in Lincoln County court in mid-July to face a charge of criminal mischief that allegedly caused $1,500-$5,000 in damages.

Fleecs also failed to pay a speeding fine in late July and his driver’s license was suspended, according to court records.