Inbox: Thanks to key North Platte residents for help with flyovers(77 views)

Letter to the Editor - May 30, 2023
The pilots would like to thank Jess Houpt and Randy Billingsley for all of the help with the Memorial Day flyovers at Fort McPherson National Cemetery and the 20th Century Veterans Memorial in North Platte.

Jacobson at the Legislature: Rural housing, Medicaid rates, voter ID(48 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - May 29, 2023
I want to begin this week’s column by recognizing the significance of Memorial Day and the debt that we all owe to our fallen veterans. All too often, people fail to appreciate the significance of this national holiday fully.

From the North Platte Tree Board(19 views)

The North Platte Bulletin - May 29, 2023
Summer is here and it is a great time to go out and enjoy nature and the trees around us.

Drainage ditches: No longer federally regulated under Clean Water Act ( 9) (154 views)

Guest Opinion - May 26, 2023
The federal government can no longer turn a drainage ditch into a regulated waterway as the Supreme Court decided in Sackett v. EPA that attempts by the Environmental Protection Agency exceeded their regulatory power. 

Erdman at the Legislature: All gave some; Some gave all(25 views)

Sen. Steve Erdman - May 26, 2023
Memorial Day is a day set aside as a national holiday for honoring those military personnel who died while serving our country in the U.S. Armed Forces. 

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