A strange time to be a child(51 views)

Guest Opinion - December 02, 2022
Morality is arguably in the eye of the beholder; however, some truths are universal. One such truth is that children are fragile and need protection.

Erdman at the Legislature: A simple but important word in the law(19 views)

Sen. Steve Erdman - December 02, 2022
One of the bills that I will introduce next year is a damaged property bill. Although I introduced this bill during the last legislative session, the bill’s language got grafted into the Revenue Committee’s Christmas tree bill.

Brewer in the Legislature: Modern-day heroes of Strategic Air Command(14 views)

Sen. Tom Brewer - December 02, 2022
My friend USAF Gen. Tom Bussiere departs his position next week as deputy commander of USSTRATCOM to take the four-star commander’s position at U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command in Barksdale, La.

Erdman at the Legislature: Why the price of eggs is increasing(154 views)

Sen. Steve Erdman - November 28, 2022
Did you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner this year? Perhaps you noticed that this year’s menu may not have include deviled eggs. 

Inbox: RR workers deserve sick pay(201 views)

Letter to the Editor - November 28, 2022
I am a railroad signal worker for the UPRR, and I am a proud union member of the Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen. I am one of the over 6,000 men and women who build, maintain and inspect the major Class I freight railroads’ signal systems that ensure the safe movement of trains and protect the public at highway-rail grade crossings.

Jacobson at the Legislature: Legislature to open with big surplus of funds(45 views)

Sen. Mike Jacobson - November 27, 2022
I want to take this opportunity to congratulate Sherry Vinton who has been selected by Gov.-elect Jim Pillen to become the states’ next Director of Agriculture.

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