Espresso Shop owner Brandon Raby is producing his own coffees, with the addition of a coffee bean roaster to his inventory of equipment downtown at 419 N. Dewey.

Raby aims to enrich the culture and diversity in the community and produce something unique to North Platte for travelers.

He said his passions about coffee, food, art, atmosphere and community came together to inspire him to invest in the roaster.

“Offering fresh local roasted coffee embarks a spirit of art and skill that I’m proud of,” he said. “Not only does it offer a diverse quality product that I have the opportunity to educate the public about, but it also allows me to strengthen the community connections and our local history.”

In addition to his creative dishes on his menu and diverse and distinct beans from the coffee belt, Raby now offers distinct signature blends that highlight history, community fundraisers, specialty shops and admirable people, such as Highlander Bob, a signature roast dedicated to Bob Veal, a retired state patrol officer and Special Olympics organizer.

The Espresso Shop also operates under the business name of Caravan, and the blends are “by Caravan.”

Raby said that roasting beans is a lot like cooking. The origin, farm, climate, and processing of raw beans give them distinctions, and his job is to create the flavor profile that best represents it.

He said the roaster is basically an oven with a rotating drum that keeps beans moving. The art and craft involves the temperature setting and varies with bean density, size, moisture, as well as his goal for the finished product.

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