Multiple drugs were found in the system of a young man in late January, whose body was found next to a North Platte alleyway.

The deceased was Rico Katami, 20.

The North Platte Police released autopsy information Monday, which “indicated that Katami’s death was caused by multiple drug toxicity,” police spokesman Rory Little said.

A resident found Katami’s body the morning of Jan. 24 in the backyard, near the alley in the 900 block of Burlington Ave., and called police.

Police said there was no sign of foul play at the scene. Medical examiners agreed that the cause of death was accidental.  

Little issued a warning about the increasing presence of fentanyl pills in the community.

“While we are fervently working to take these substances off of the streets, we wanted to make the public aware of just how dangerous they are,” Little said.

Fentanyl is highly potent and carries a high risk of overdose. It takes roughly a pencil tip amount (as little as 2 milligrams) for an overdose to occur, he said.

“We cannot stress enough that the risk of overdose and death that accompany this drug are extremely high due to its potency and urge all citizens to take caution when they come across unknown pills,” Little said.  

Fake pills containing fentanyl. Image * DEA

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