Two sets of drug charges were reduced, but both perpetrators will spend the better part of a year in jail, according to sentences handed down Monday in Lincoln County District Court.

Corey Weeth was convicted Monday for possession of methamphetamine and hydrocodone. He accepted a plea agreement and was sentenced to 300 days in jail.

He pled guilty to the charges and four other cases filed against him were dismissed.

Weeth, 39, was arrested June 14 after police stopped his car for displaying improper plates. A search found a small bag of a substance that subsequently tested positive for meth.

Also, they found a cup containing three hydrocodone pills that he did not have a prescription to possess.

Birch credited Weeth with 91 days in jail and ordered him to serve the required nine months of post-release supervised probation when he gets out of jail.



Tracy Wood was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to deliver and sentenced to 200 days in jail.

The sentence was handed down in Lincoln County District court.

Wood, 47, was the passenger in a car stopped Nov. 18, 2017 for speeding on I-80. During the stop, officers found 101 ounces of marijuana, THC and 430 marijuana candies.

She pled guilty in a deal worked out by Defense Attorney Blaine Gillett.  In exchange for her plea, the county dropped other charges.

Deputy County Attorney Angela Franz made the plea offer based upon lack of facts uncovered in the case, as well as Wood’s minimal criminal history.

“She is from Tennessee and has nothing more than a traffic ticket on her record,” Franz said.

Gillett agreed that the reduced charges and relatively light sentence was justified.

Lincoln County District Judge Richard Birch gave Wood credit for 98 days served since she was arrested.



William Butrick, 27, was sentenced to 364 days in jail for being a felon in possession of a weapon.

Butrick was arrested Aug. 3 when officers were looking for him and saw him enter a house. He was suspected of theft. When he came outside to talk to the officer, they found a knife in his pocket.

The theft charge was eventually dismissed.

Butrick has a long criminal record.

Deputy County Attorney Kortnei Hoeft said she agreed with the pre-sentence investigation report, which did not recommend probation. She asked for incarceration.

On the other hand, Defense Attorney Robert Lindemeier said the knife was never used in a threatening way.

“It was under the legal (size) limit, but it had brass knuckles with it. And he has been in jail since Aug. 3, so I would ask that time be in the jail rather than the pen and that he be given credit for time served.”

Birch agreed that probation would not be appropriate, based on Butrick’s prior record.

“However, I don’t believe under the circumstance that prison is warranted,” he said.

Butrick received credit for 122 days served. He will also be required to serve nine months of post-release supervised probation after he gets out of jail.



Cynthia Valentine, 28, failed to appear for a status hearing on a charge of meth possession.

Gillett said there was a plea deal in the works and didn’t know why his client failed to come to court. He asked the court to continue the proceeding so his client would have more time to appear.

The county objected and Birch agreed with the prosecution. He revoked her bond and issued a warrant for her arrest.