Three more construction liens against the general contractor and owner of Dist. 177 in North Platte were resolved in late June.

Liens remain in effect for about $263,000 of unpaid construction work, according to the records at the Lincoln County Register of Deeds. That is considerably less than the peak total, which was in the neighborhood of $600,000, triggering widespread alarm.

The latest liens to be released (resolved) were from Meininger Fire Protection of Lincoln, totaling $68,000. The releases were signed June 26 and officially recorded Monday at the county courthouse.

So far, 11 construction liens have been resolved. Liens that were previously filed by three North Platte companies — Mitchell Drywall, Aupperle Plumbing and Hall’s Electric — were released on May 31.

Also, a construction lien filed by York International of Cleveland, Ohio was released on June 7.

Liens that have apparently not yet been released include:

  • Kingdom Customs Flooring and Construction of North Platte – $91,000.
  • Centimark Corporation of Canonsberg, Pa. – $113,000.
  • Premier Plumbing of Louisville, Neb. – $59,000.

Meanwhile, dirt work has stopped on another budding Dist. 177 project that is managed by the general contractor, New Generation Construction of Lincoln. Some dirt has been moved to build up the grade on an undeveloped lot south of the existing buildings of the mall, where a $14 million mixed retail/residential building is envisioned.

The developers requested a city tax incentive on May 21 to help pay the cost of infrastructure for the mixed use building. The North Platte city council approved the incentive on first reading by a split vote.

However, when the number of overall construction liens against the company became known a few days later, Mayor Brandon Kelliher pulled further consideration of the incentive from the agenda of council meetings.

At the time, Kelliher said the council would consider the tax incentive “only after District 177 developers largely resolve the financial disputes.”

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