The use of RVs for sleeping or housekeeping in residential areas would be strictly limited under proposed changes to a city ordinance that the city council will consider Tuesday.

The amended ordinance will come before the council for the second time. Three readings are normally required.

The ordinance would limit the time that someone could live in an RV parked in a residential area, and also set limits on where and how long the RV could be parked. 

Planning Administrator Judy Clark said the city staff has received numerous complaints during the past year about people living in recreational vehicles parked on private property, in alleys, and in the street.

Under the proposed ordinance, only “nonpaying guests at a home in a residential district would be allowed to occupy a recreational vehicle parked or stored on residential property, for sleeping purposes only, for a period of not more than one week.”

Over a year, a recreational vehicle could only be occupied for 30 days.


A recreational vehicle may be parked inside a closed structure that conforms to zoning requirements, the proposal says.

Outside parking would be allowed in the side or rear yard.

Parking would be permitted in the front yard on a driveway or a hard-surfaced pad next to the driveway for one recreational vehicle, if:

a. The recreational vehicle is parked perpendicular to the front curb.

b. The recreational vehicle is not parked within or obstructing a public sidewalk.

c. The recreational vehicle is at least 10 feet in back of the front curb.

Parking on a public street would be limited to 72 hours from April-October so long as it does not block or obstruct street traffic or sidewalks in the public right-of-way.

Parking would not be not permitted upon the public street from November-March.

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