The public will have a chance to be heard on the annual city budget at 7:30 p.m. tonight (Tuesday), when the city council holds a public hearing on the budget for the new fiscal year, as well as other important topics.

The meeting will be held at City Hall, 211 W. Third.

After a few routine matters, the council will convene a public hearing on the budget. A 3% increase is planned in spending, amounting to $925,000.

Expenses are budgeted to rise for development, engineering, legal costs, administration, police, fire and public transit.

Also, the council will consider these major items:

• A recommendation from the North Platte Quality Growth Fund Citizen’s advisory Committee to approve a $1 million “performance-based loan” to Prataria Ventures LLC for a warehouse and residential developments.

• A recommendation of North Platte Quality Growth Fund Citizen’s Advisory committee to approve a $20,000 request to North Platte Parks, Recreation and Wellness Foundation for a feasibility market study and financial analysis on improving the recreation center and building an indoor multi-sports arena.

• A resolution to transfer surplus fees of $3.25 million from the Electric Fund to the Golf Fund to eliminate the Deficit Fund Balance and approve the transfer of operations of Iron Eagle golf course from the special revenue golf fund to a department of the General Fund, effective Oct. 1.

• A resolution to transfer $800,000 from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Fund to the General Fund.

The council will not vote on the budget Tuesday night. The vote is scheduled at a special meeting scheduled at 6 p.m. on  Thursday, Sept. 5  in city council chambers.