More shopping and more things for kids to do: two things that are high on most lists of what North Platte wants and needs.

In the “more things to do” category, a better rec center is prominent on the list.

Using private money, Mayor Livingston’s wellness committee will take another look at renovating the city recreation center, following authorization Tuesday by the city council.

A new study will be conducted by an architectural firm in Sioux Falls, S.D. — TSP Design Refined.

The cost will be $8,800 plus mileage, and a little more to present the plans in three dimensions (3D), TSP principal officer Sean Ervin recently said in a letter to city recreation director Bob Barr.

Ervin told Barr that he would look at remodeling and expanding the existing center, in view of the need for more gym space, some competitive pool space, an indoor track, community space and other support space, as well as updates including making the entrance more user friendly.

Councilman Andrew Lee asked if previous studies of the rec center would be incorporated into the new plans.

The co-chair of the wellness committee, Fiona Libsack of Great Plains Health, said yes, adding that previous plans could be redrawn.

In response to a question from Councilman Ed Rieker, Libsack said the committee will look at different ownership and “sustainability models.”

In the letter to Barr, Ervin said the goal of the design study will be to provide a facility that will be usable for a long time to come.

Councilman Glenn Peterson asked if the study might be finished in two weeks or a month. Libsack thought it would take a least a month. Administrator Jim Hawks said 60-90 days would be more likely.