Rep. Adrian Smith and Sen. Deb Fischer are concerned that there is no clear federal assessment of the drones that are flying over Nebraska, and they encourage people to report them.

“I have reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) about finding the source of these unidentified drones and am concerned there seems to be no clear assessment of their source,” Smith said Tuesday. “We must protect the privacy and property rights of Nebraskans. I appreciate the work of federal, state, and local officials to address these concerns and encourage Nebraskans to promptly contact local law enforcement with detailed accounts of confirmed future sightings.”

Fischer, a member of the Senate Commerce Committee that has jurisdiction over the Federal Aviation Administration, said she spoke with FAA Administrator Steve Dickson.

“Nebraskans are rightly concerned about the recent drone activity,” she said. “This morning (Tuesday), I spoke with FAA Administrator Dickson directly who informed me that, as of now, there are still no answers about who is using these drones.”

Fischer noted that the FAA, FBI, the Nebraska State Patrol, and local law enforcement from Nebraska and Colorado met Monday to discuss how to address the problem. They agreed to launch a small task force to compile a coordinated report of the locations of the sightings, in hopes that will provide a clue.

“An investigation is underway and the best thing Nebraskans can do right now is continue to report any drone sightings to law enforcement,” she said.