Capping months of discussion, two new members were appointed Monday to the Lincoln County Veterans Service Committee – Geoffrey Florom and Joseph Wiezorek.

The Lincoln County commissioners chose Florom and Wiezorek from eight nominees for two open seats on the committee. The nominations came from the VFW Post 1504, American Legion Post 163 and the Disabled American Veterans in North Platte.

Other members on the veteran’s service committee reviewed the eight nominees, Veterans Service Officer Paul Cooper told the county commissioners. Florom and Wiezorek received the most recommendations from the existing board.

Florom is a National Guard veteran who served in Afghanistan. Also, he is the incoming second vice-president of American Legion Post 163.

Wiezorek is the incoming American Legion post commander and also manages the federal building in North Platte, Cooper said.

Florom will fill an immediate vacancy on the board, and his term will expire next year. Wiezorek will serve a full five-year term, from 2022-27.

After the two appointees are sworn in, the veterans service commission will begin to review 12 applications for Cooper’s position as the County Veterans Service Office.

Cooper is retiring.


In other business, the commissioners heard from Rod Ury, who lives west of North Platte in the area of Platte Valley Road.

Ury said high winds in April and May filled the road ditches with corn shucks, dirt and gravel, and the area will flood if a big rain falls. He said he’d talked to Commissioner Michaela Wuehler about it, and came to the meeting to get something on the record.

The wind blew up to 85 mph for two hours on May 12, not too long after prolonged winds of 70 mph. No one living in that area had ever seen such strong winds, he said, and it wrecked havoc with the road ditches.

Ury said the roads need to be cleaned with machines and manpower. He said an old V-plow that the Platte Valley School District has might be effective.

Lincoln County Road Supervisor Jason Schultz was at the meeting and told the commissioners he’d looked at the ditches and has concerns. He agreed to pay a visit to Ury and discuss the situation together.

Live video

To make commissioner’s meetings more accessible and transparent, the meeting Monday was the first to be broadcast live on You Tube. The broadcast quality was good. The intention is to store the recording on the “Lincoln County Nebraska” You Tube channel for later viewing.

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