On March 5, Matt Rose, the Executive Chairman of Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad, said his company goals are based more on increasing volume than cutting expenses.

Rose shared his views on the future of the rail industry with 400 attendees at Railroad Financial Corporation’s annual conference, Railway Age magazine reported.

“On the one hand, we have Precision Scheduled Railroading,” Rose said, an oblique reference to Union Pacific’s operating programs.

Rose said BNSF will pursue available traffic and increased volume.

“Trying to be more precise-like in scheduling isn’t something new at BNSF,” Rose said. “We have a history of trying to do just that.”

But he added that “Growth in customer business is our focus. Cost cutting as a PSR theme only goes so far. Yes, ‘sweating out the assets’ has to be part of a balancing act, but BNSF balances its management of the railroad toward benefits shared by employees, customers, investors and the community at large.”

As a required corporate goal, BNSF seeks continued traffic growth in volume, Railway Age reported.

Here is the full report from Railway Age Editor-in-Chief William C. Vantuono.