Later this summer the governor promised to call a special session of the legislature to reduce property taxes. I’m all for it.

The fact this is an election year and we have 15 term-limited senators departing the body makes his decision a politically wise choice. Unfortunately, I don’t know if the political pressure from a looming election this fall will be sufficient to find the 33 votes that will be needed.

During a regular legislative session, there are opportunities for compromise that do not exist in a special session. Special sessions must follow the purpose described in the governor’s “call.” A bill about the brand committee, for example, would be out of order in a special session called to reduce taxes. Only bills judged by the referencing committee of the executive board to be germane to the governor’s call can be introduced.

I am disappointed to see the EPIC consumption tax idea doesn’t have a seat at the governor’s table. I think every idea should be considered on their merits. Deliberately excluding the EPIC tax as a possible course of action needlessly limits our options.

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