If you know a resident who is spreading joy through their outdoor holiday decorations, you can nominate them in the Christmas Lighting contest organized by Keep North Platte and Lincoln County Beautiful and the North Platte Bulletin.

This year’s prize sponsors are Coldwell Banker, Menards, Bomgaar’s, and Cody Keno. 

You have time to get things set in your yard. Entries will be judged Friday-Sunday, Dec.16-18. The lights must be on from 5-10 p.m. those nights and be visible from the street.

Nominations are due by 4 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13.

The first-place winners from 2021 are the only ones who are ineligible to win a prize in 2022. Otherwise, everyone can compete.

Anyone can nominate a home. It can be your own. Submit the name of owner, address, brief description of the display, a photo (if possible), and directions that might help the judges find the property.

Send nominations one of these ways:

  • Email: knplcb@yahoo.com.
  • Phone: 308-534-8100 – leave a message with name of owner, address and brief description.
  • Facebook message to Keep North Platte and Lincoln County Beautiful or the North Platte Bulletin.

Winners will be selected in each of North Platte’s 4 city wards as well as one outside of city limits, within Lincoln County. The top winners in each section will receive prize money Color photos of the homes will be published in the Bulletin.

Judging will be based on curb appeal, balance, theme and maintenance.

It’s important to get your nomination in, because only the homes that are nominated will be judged. One nomination is enough.

Good luck and may the “best bulbs” win.

2018: Looking back at a first place winner in Ward 2. White and blue lights at 2301 Cedarberry Road, the home of John and Denise Stadler.

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