Nearly all entertainment around town has been postponed or cancelled, but some attractions will remain open:


Dusty Trails birding

The Dusty Trails Sandhill Crane and Prairie Chicken tours are small groups. The capacity for the bus tours to the Crane and Prairie Chicken viewing sites is 8 and the river viewing blind is 9.

Recommended social distances will be kept.

Hand sanitizers will be provided and all surfaces on the bus and blind will be sanitized between tours. Visitors will be screened for signs of illness – sneezing, coughing, fever – and asked to self-screen.


Grain Bin Antique Town 

Open regular hours, asking guests to avoid grain bins with other guests in them. The staff disinfects between guests.


Golden Spike Tower

No more than 10 people are allowed in the building at one time, but the tower is still in the “slow season” and with a decline in travel, are only, averaging 20-25 per day.

The tower has established an aggressive disinfectant policy.

Large groups, field trips and events will be cancelled for eight weeks, including include the Canteen celebration, scheduled April 1 and the annual Community Day on May 3.