The Lincoln Highway Diner at the North Platte Airport closed its doors in August and the community and airport employees have felt the loss.

“People love to come out to the airport to eat and we still occasionally get people looking for the diner, to find it closed,” Airport Manager Sam Seafeldt said.

Since August, airport management have led an renovation of the restaurant space, cleaning equipment, replacing floor drains, installing new plumbing and improving the heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

The management is currently working on replacing the grid system for new ceiling tiles and HVAC vents.

“The Airport Authority is on board to get someone in (the restaurant) as soon as possible,” Seafeldt said, “but it didn’t make sense to bring in a new restaurant when all of these repairs and upgrades needed to be made.”

Seafeldt expects the space to be presentable by July 1 for potential operators to see.

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