The North Platte Regional Airport promptly got back up and running after the historic storm dumped 13.9 inches of snow Wednesday on runways and parking lots.

Snow drifts on the south side of the building were more than four feet deep in some areas, Manager Sam Seafeldt said. It was the most snow he’d seen at the airport.

Late Thursday afternoon, the big snow blower had a mechanical trouble and they used the payloader to remove the last of the snow.

“There are piles of snow around the airport where we’ve never had to pile snow before,” Seafeldt said.

With the runway plowed, crews were getting ready to de-ice. Fortunately, the sun came out, snow melted, and the runway was in good shape, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Seafeldt said employees spent a long hours pushing snow and he is grateful for their hard work.

“I consider this to be a successful snow event,” Seafeldt said.

From Tuesday, Jan. 17 to Thursday, Jan. 19, only six flights were canceled — three arrivals and three departures.

The airline resumed its normal schedule Thursday evening with a 5 p.m. flight to Denver.

“The flights are pretty full and the passengers are happy,” Seafeldt said.

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