At 1:05 a.m. Wednesday morning, Lincoln County sheriff’s deputies received a call of a motor vehicle accident south of Hershey at Kelly Ave. and Hershey / Dickens Road.

A single vehicle reportedly rolled, but the driver left the scene. The sheriff’s office said he got a ride and headed to North Platte.

The driver called 911 on the way, but said he did not want to talk to police and if forced to talk to them, he would assault them.

A deputy saw the vehicle the driver was riding in and stopped it at Leota and Dewey in North Platte. The man jumped out and began yelling at the deputy.

In an act of apparent desperation, the man reached down, picked up a frog and acted like he would hand it to the deputy, but changed his mind. The sheriff’s statement said he shouted that he was holding the innocent frog hostage, while he loudly threatened the deputy.

A police officer arrived and the man began to throw paper and trash at the cop, while still holding the frog hostage. The deputy “gave the man numerous commands to comply and calm down,” and eventually deployed his taser, the sheriff’s office said.

That controlled the man and allowed the frog to escape.

The driver was taken to Great Plains Health where he was placed in Emergency Protective Custody. Drugs and alcohol are suspected to be contributing factors, the sheriff said.

The sheriff’s office said the frog appeared to be uninjured.

The sheriff’s statement did not provide the name of the accident victim or the frog.