Work began in earnest Monday on South Buffalo Road to Lake Maloney.

It will be re-paved this summer. Western Engineering of North Platte is in charge of the $987,000 project.

The maximum amount budgeted was $1 million, County Roads Superintendent Carla O’Dell has said.

The 2.6 mile road is 40-years-old and virtually has no shoulders. It runs from State Farm Road to North Lake Road. The improvement is long overdue, county officials say.

Steep banks abut the side of the road for 10-15% of its length, consulting engineer Brent Burkund said.

Construction should last about 6 weeks, representatives of Western Engineering have said.

The first step is to widen the roadbed with fill dirt on the steep embankments, so shoulders can be created. That part of the project will take about 3-4 weeks.

Overlaying the asphalt will take another 2 weeks.

During construction, the road is closed to all motorists except residents who live along the road, O’Dell said.