On Saturday, June 9 at 3:25 p.m., an officer was driving through the Wal-Mart Super Center parking lot and saw David Dorwart Jr. leaving the store.

The officer had previously arrested Dorwart for trespassing at Wal-Mart and knew he was permanently banned from the business, police spokesman John Deal said.

Dorwart was apprehended and charged with trespassing. Deal said during the subsequent search, Dorwart was found to have several Playstation video games in his pants.

The officer then contacted Wal-Mart’s loss prevention staff, who verified through surveillance camera footage that Dorwart took video games from the display without paying for them.

He was charged with trespassing and shoplifting. The shoplifting charge would normally be a misdemeanor, but was upgraded to a felony because of Dorwart’s prior convictions, Deal said.