Two young men were arrested Sunday and 52 pounds of marijuana seized during an I-80 traffic stop near Aurora.

The estimated street value of the marijuana is $156,000, NSP spokesman Cody Thomas said.

The stop occurred around 1:45 p.m. Sunday, when a state trooper saw an eastbound 2018 Jeep speeding about three miles west of Aurora.

The trooper pulled the jeep over and became suspicious of criminal activity during the stop, then searched the vehicle.

The search turned up two large boxes of marijuana in the rear of the vehicle, as well as more packages hidden in the tire compartment, Thomas said.

The driver, Fahiem Faiyaz, 23, and passenger, Ameer Ghafoori, 21, both of California, were charged with possession of more than a pound of marijuana, possession with intent to deliver, and no drug tax stamp.

Both men were taken to the Hamilton County jail, Thomas said.