Led by Sen. Tom Brewer of the sandhills, the Legislature could reconvene in late April just to tackle property taxes again.

Several tax relief bills were introduced this session, but none were successful. Time ran out Wednesday for work on major legislation.

On Wednesday, Brewer submitted a letter signed by 13 senators to the secretary of state, that they want a special session to pass legislation that would reduce property taxes.

Secretary of State John Gale now will poll the remaining 36 senators, and if another 20 of them — 33 total — indicate support, Gale will notify Gov. Pete Ricketts, who would convene the special session, according to a Unicameral Update news report.

Speaker Jim Scheer said April 23 is the last day for senators to notify the secretary of their support.

If the threshold is met and the governor notified, Scheer said senators should expect to convene in late April.

Brewer said he has to try to do everything he can for his constituents, who pay some of the highest property taxes in the nation even though prices for their products are slumping.

Sen. Mike Groene gave his perspective Wednesday, saying the governor’s tax relief plan sank because it contained a corporate income tax cut with minimal property tax relief.