Logan Reed was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail for cashing a forged check at the La Hacienda Market on March 10, and misdemeanor theft by deception.

Reed, 22, was scheduled for a preliminary hearing Thursday, but before it began, Defense Attorney Martin Troshynski asked Lincoln County Judge Kent Turnbull to give him a moment to speak to his client.

Apparently, Troshynski had discussed a plea agreement with Reed previously.

“Do you want to hear about it or act like you did yesterday?” he asked.

“I want to take it,” Reed said.

Then, Reed pled no contest to the misdemeanor theft by deception. In addition to jail time, Deputy County Attorney asked that he pay restitution for the $682.21 check that he cashed at the market.

Turnbull ordered Reed to pay restitution and gave him credit for time he has served – eight days.

Two other men were also charged with cashing forged checks at the Market on March 9-10. One of them, James Dempsey, was arrested March 10 when he allegedly tried to cash more forged checks. The third man, Marcus Bailey, was on the lam until April 6.

Reed remained at-large until late last month, when he was apprehended in Lincoln and brought back to Lincoln County.

In court Thursday, Reed also asked if the time he was held in Lincoln in the Lancaster County jail would also be credited against his sentence.

Turnbull said jail administrators would check with Lancaster County on that. If Reed was held in Lincoln only for the charges in North Platte, he will also get credit for the time he spent there.



Also, Stevan Nolda was convicted of domestic assault Thursday and sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Nolda, 23, pled guilty to the misdemeanor assault charge. In exchange for his plea, the county dismissed a count of felony strangulation.

He was arrested May 28 after police responded to a call from Great Plains Health that a woman who was assaulted was in the emergency room.

The woman told police she did not remember who assaulted her, but after further questioning, she said it was Nolda. She said they got into an argument that ended when he injured her head and legs.

Prosecutors read that information aloud, and Lincoln County Court Judge Michael Piccolo asked Nolda if he agreed with the facts of the case.

Nolda started to question some of the details.

“I freaked out and then she freaked out,” Nolda said. “I didn’t assault her.”

Defense Attorney Chawnta Durham suggested Nolda change his plea from guilty to no contest, which she said she recommended to him earlier.

Nolda changed his plea accordingly, and then said although he didn’t agree with everything, he would accept the facts of the charges as stated.

Durham said the confrontation took place because her client had been suffering some health issues and did not have proper medication.

“Hopefully when I get out, I will get some medical help,” Nolda told the court.

Piccolo gave him 11 days credit.