Only one entrance will be open at the Lincoln County courthouse soon, under a plan developed by county employees.

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Here’s how the security would work. Two guards, one of them armed, would be posted at the entrance and also monitor the hallways. People coming into the courthouse would have to pass through a metal detector at the entrance on the south side.

It would cost taxpayers about $90,000 a year for the guards, according to a bid that is now under consideration.

There have been occasional disruptions at the courthouse.

Sheriff Jerome Kramer said widespread security concerns across the world, coupled with the occasional outbursts in the courthouse over recent years, motivates county officials to be proactive in protecting employees.

Kramer said inmates sometimes act up in courtrooms upstairs, where sheriff’s deputies are on duty. Downstairs, someone occasionally gets upset about property taxes and make threats. Suspicious characters can wander into the building, he said. No one has been hurt.

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