Eddie Hagert, 38, was sentenced to 2-6 years Monday in the state penitentiary for attempted distribution of meth.

Hagert, who previously impressed everyone, including prosecutors, with his attempt to turn his life around, violated the terms of his probation on July 24 when he failed to show up for a routine court appearance.

Hagert was initially arrested in February 2016 and charged with meth distribution, part of a regional drug bust that charged more than 60 people with distribution.

After a stint in jail and impressive participation in rehabilitation programs, Hagert was sentenced to three years of probation.

He disappeared this summer, but was found again in early September in an apartment on S. Tabor Ave. A car chase with another man led police to the apartment. Hagert was suspected of being there, and eventually he came out and was taken into custody.

This time in court, Lincoln County Attorney Rebecca Harling asked for a lengthy prison term.

Defense Attorney Matt Peterson argued for a short sentence, noting it was his client’s first drug charge.

Hagert said he was trying to make changes in his life, but Rowlands was not persuaded.

“Your record goes clear back to 1991,” Rowlands said. “And the pre-sentence investigation shows you to be a high risk to offend and doesn’t recommend probation.”

After Rowlands pronounced sentence, he gave Hagert credit for 113 days served. Hagert claimed to have another 51 days credit due, but again, Rowlands was not persuaded.

“Your attorney will look into that,” he said, “but for now we will go with the 113.”