The city of North Platte declared a snow emergency at 5:25 p.m. Friday and removed it at 11:45 a.m. Saturday.

The emergency declaration requires all vehicles and trailers parked on a snow emergency route to be removed.

Emergency routes are marked by the small red, white, and blue signs. Violators risk being ticketed and possibly towed by the police.

The city strives to keep main routes open to travel and as dry as possible so emergency vehicles can reach all parts of the city and our hospital, the police department said.


Emergency snow routes

RODEO ROAD – Jeffers West to city limits

EAST 12TH – Jeffers East to city limits

WEST 9TH – Jeffers to West city limits

EAST 8TH – Jeffers to East city limits

WEST 14TH – Buffalo Bill Avenue to Adams Ave.

WEST 16TH – Webster Avenue to Buffalo Bill Ave.

WEST 18TH – Buffalo Bill Avenue to Sheridan Ave.

WEST 19TH – Sheridan Avenue to Adams Ave.

ROOSEVELT Ave. – 8th Street to 14th St.

BRYAN AVENUE, North – 16th Street to Railroad St.

POPLAR – 4th Street to 12th St.

POPLAR – Francis Street to Philip Ave.

JEFFERS – North city limits to South city limits

ADAMS Ave. – 9th St. to 19th St.

SHERIDAN Ave. – Rodeo Road to 19th St.

DODGE Ave. – 9th St. to North city limits

DEWEY – South city limits through S-curve to Jeffers

WILLOW – Leota Street to Rodeo Road

WILLOW – Walker Road to State Farm Road

FRONT – West city limits to Poplar St.

4TH St. – Pacific Street to East city limits

2ND St. – Buffalo Bill Avenue to West city limits

“A” St. – Willow Street to West city limits

“B” St. – Sherman Avenue to Bicentennial Ave.

“E” St. – Bryan Avenue to Dixie Ave.

PHILIP Ave. – Lakeview Blvd to Newberry Access

FRANCIS – McDonald Road to 300 feet East of Poplar St.

LEOTA – Oak Street to East city limits; McDonald Road to Bare Ave.

EUGENE – Highway 83 West to city limits

WALKER ROAD – Highway 83 West to city limits

WALKER ROAD – Newberry Road access West to dead-end

HALLIGAN DRIVE – From U.S. Hwy 83 East to Newberry Access

BICENTENNIAL Ave. – Highway 30 (4th St.) South to Philip Ave.

INDUSTRIAL Ave. – Philip Avenue to Prospect Drive

PROSPECT DRIVE – Industrial Avenue to Philip Ave.

WELCH Ave. – Philip Avenue to 4th St.

BRYAN AVE. South – Front Street to Philip Ave.

SILBER Ave. – Philip Avenue to 4th St.

COTTONWOOD – 4th Street to Wal-Mart entrance

OAK – Leota St. to Front St.

JEFFERSON Ave. – “A” Street to Front St.

McDONALD ROAD – “A” Street to Leota St.

SHERMAN Ave. – “B” Street to Front St.

CARR Ave. – Leota Street to Front St.

MILLS Ave.  – 4th Street to Front St.

BUFFALO BILL Ave. – North city limits to Leota St.

PACIFIC  – 4th to Front St.

BARE Ave. – Leota to Front St.

LAKEVIEW BLVD – “A” Street to Philip Ave.

NEWBERRY ACCESS – North city limits to South city limits

STATE FARM ROAD – East city limits to West city limits

SOUTH PARKWAY – State Farm Road North to Fremont Slough

SUNRISE DRIVE – South Parkway to Hwy 83

ELDER Ave. – 2nd Street to ‘E’ St.

TABOR Ave. – Philip Ave. to a point approx 300 feet South of Francis St.